Cosmic Yogi Festival 2018
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The dynamic duo first came together while collaborating on the Dallas Yoga
Magazine. Erica is the Editor and AJ is the Publisher of the hottest yoga magazine in
Texas. Their partnership lead to the Cosmic Yogi Movement.

Mission: The Cosmic Yogi Festival is a “movement for all yogis to unite.” The Co-
Founders strive to bring the community of yoga enthusiasts closer together, promote
a healthy holistic lifestyle while spreading vibrant positive energy at their festivals!

More About Us: Publisher of Dallas Yoga Magazine and Co-Founder of Cosmic Yogi
Movement and Festivals, AJ Crowell, has been in advertising, marketing, publishing
and large-scale event planning for over 20 years. AJ printed a weekly entertainment
guide throughout Texas for many years. For the last decade, AJ has been teaching
inner city Dallas high school students. She implemented Peace Makers classes and
taught the importance of acceptance, diversity and giving back to the community. AJ
is also the “Best Selling Author” of Loved Back to Life, a book focusing on recovery
from addictions. She is an avid yoga practitioner and has a health-conscious diet
focusing on vegetarianism.

Editor and Co-Founder of Cosmic Yogi Movement and Festivals, Erica Mestyanek is
the mother of 3 beautiful boys, ages 3, 9, and 11. Erica has an extensive background
in Fashion Design beginning when she was only 17 years old and is currently creating
a new Cosmic Yogi line. She has years of experience in planning large scale events in
the United States. Erica is also a certified Holistic Health Coach but is currently
focusing her career in the yoga community with planning future Cosmic Yogi
Movement Festivals. Her passion in life is helping others while raising thoughtful and
loving children.

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AJ Crowell & Erica Mestyanek
Co-Founders Cosmic Yogi Movement
Cosmic Yogi Festival was created as
“a movement for all yogis to unite.”
Co-Founders, Erica Mestyanek and AJ Crowell
knew the importance of yogis bonding
together not only to promote the community
but also, so everyone could meet new
friends and try new yoga and meditation
styles. The festival started in the DFW
Metroplex at Addison Conference & Theatre
Centre and is currently coming to fruition to
other cities.