Cosmic Yogi Festival
Summer 2018
Debbi K. Levy
Ricky Tran
Lisa Ware

Ricky Tran
Class: All Levels Vinyasa Flow
Description: Chant with Ricky Tran followed by an all levels Vinyasa
Flow class with an emphasis on breath, leaving you in a state of
blissful awareness.
Bio:  Ricky Tran, BBA, ERYT 500, CBA, former owner of Krama Yoga
Center, Standard Yoga Training Company and other yoga businesses
is widely recognized as an accomplished practitioner and teacher. His
teachings on yoga cover many aspects with illuminating perspectives
on many levels of postures, breath, mind, and yogic lifestyle. He
offers "Pop-Up Classes" all over Dallas for his committed followers and
new students. Ricky's popularity has led him to traveling and
teaching extensively.
Social Media: Instagram @rickytranyoga

Debbi K. Levy
Class: Yoga & Crystals
Description: Join Debbi as she leads you through a mindful yoga class
infused with crystals. Her class will incorporate the advantages and
benefits of using crystals in your yoga practice. She will share with
you her expertise with crystals and intensions while giving you a
special adventure with aventurine.
Bio:  Debbi is a native Texan, wife, mom, sister, daughter, and friend.
She literally quit her day job to follow her dream of bringing yoga to
everyone around her. With a crystal or two in her pockets and a big
smile on her lips, you can find Debbi at the Jewish Community Center
in Dallas, bringing yoga to corporations around the metroplex, or
teaching at her home studio, Transformation Yoga. Debbi is a
registered Yoga instructor, has a certification in Crystal Alchemy,
Reiki and Mindfulness.
Social Media:
Instagram @thecompanyyogateacher

Lisa Ware
Class: Intuitive Goddess Vinyasa Flow
Description: Goddess Flow + Mindfulness, Clean Eating & Holistic Living
Bio:  Lisa's passion is to create community connecting women to
their Goddess Tribe and to empower each woman to become their
best version of 'ME' that they can be. Lisa is available for personal,
group and corporate sessions.
Social Media:
Instagram @yoga4lovelisa  

Stefanie Tovar
Class: Bhakti Flow Yoga
Description: Get ready to move with Devotion in Body, Mind, Voice
and Soul as Stefanie leads you through a practice that will let you
flow and explore characteristics and themes affiliated with Hanuman,
one who takes great leaps of faith in the name of Selfless Service
and Love. Bhakti Yoga is a path of Yoga that can awaken our hearts
to Devotion in our movements seen and unseen. Are you ready to let
you heart be heard and to flow with the truth of your heart?
Bio:  Stefanie began her yoga journey as a performing artist in the
practice of Baptiste Power Yoga in 2004.  Stefanie travelled the
world as a performing artist and found yoga gave her a sense of
groundedness and solace, no matter where her work and suitcases
took her. While touring in her professional offering of performing arts,
Stefanie felt a feeling of isolation and disconnect from the world
around her and craved an opportunity to hold space for herself and
others to make a lasting impact.  She finally listened to her heart and
left the stage and lights to connect to the dark solace of the Yoga
Room and hOMe on her mat. This time sharing her love of music and
storytelling to help heal, reclaim and renew in a yoga room, one
breath and Om at a time.  
Social Media:
Instagram @bhakti_yogastef  

Daizha Petersma
Class: 80’s Glow Flow
Description: This fun energetic yoga flow is going to happen under
the black lights, jamming to the best oldies of the 1980’s. Wear white
or neon colors or even have fun with our black light body paint!
Bio:  Daizha’s fitness journey began with her love for yoga.
Specializing in Aerial Yoga, Buti Yoga and Whole Body Vibration
Training in her studio, Le Spa Fit in Colleyville, Texas. Daizha's sweet
and sensative personality shines in her classes and her students love

Tara Rosenthal & Elektra Moon
Class: Buti Yoga for Ages 11+
Description: Buti Yoga transforms your BODY + SOUL with cardio-
intensive bursts, tribal dance & primal movement all woven into a
dynamic yoga practice. It's sensual, intense and empowering.
Tara Rosenthal's Bio: Tara is the founder and owner of Tribal Yoga
House in Dallas. She has been a Buti instructor for 5 years and it has
changed her life in every way. Her love and passion for Buti is deep
rooted and continues to evolve as the practice grows and community
Name of Business where she teaches: Tribal Yoga House
Social Media: Instagram @tararoseyoga     

Elektra Moon's Bio: I am here to help facilitate the natural healing
paradigm of the body, through reconnection of all soul pieces back
into the body for wholeness. With over 15 years’ experience as a
massage therapist and spiritual body work specialist. Elektra
combines her love of movement thru Buti Yoga, belly dance and
tradition yoga to bring you the ultimate self-love healing practices
into you daily life.  As a long time LMT,MTI, Certified Cranial Sacral
therapist through the Upledger Institute , Reiki Master/Teacher and
Medical Intuitive. Elektra is constantly engaging in holistic health
studies. She is currently working on her Degree in Holistic Health
Mastery and Integrated Nutrition.  Health is her passion on all levels
and Buti Yoga is by far her happy place. Beyond ecstatic to bring this
beautiful practice of Buti Yoga to the lovely beings of DFW.

Marisol Bazaldua - Euphoric YoGi
Class: Hatha yoga with Sound Therapy
Description: In this class, you will slow down the pace in order to
focus on our breathing, while connecting to our higher self through
the practice of asanas, pranayama, and healing vibrations.
Bio:  Marisol obtained her 200 YTT in February 2017 from Dhyana
Yoga Center. Although I’m fairly new to the practice in this lifetime,
yoga runs deep in my soul. My teaching style is Hatha yoga fused
with sound healing vibrations, & topped with euphoric yogi goodness.
Social Media:
Instagram @euphoricyogi

Karon Sartore
Class: Kundalini and Meditation
Description: Awaken cosmic Shakti Energy through the practice of
Kundalini Kriya & Meditation.  Move the body, observe the breath,
inviting Shakti Energy to rise.
Bio:  Karon Sartore-Frantz-call her K.  ERYT-200, RYT-500, RYS-200
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Reiki Level II.  My soul smiles when I can
unveil a path leading others to self-acceptance & awareness,
encouragement, and peace in their lives as well as on their mats,
allowing them to embrace their true authentic selves.
Social Media: Instagram @Life With Benefits Yoga       
Facebook - Life With Benefits Yoga and Energy Healing

Daphne Moon
Class: Ecstatic Dance
Description: Ecstatic Dance is a freeform, non-verbal moving
meditation. Imagine the dancing you do in your living room, but with
a group of friends, a sacred container, and a wave of music that
builds and crests leaving you feeling relaxed and blissful.
Bio:  Daphne Moon is a Priestess, Yoga Instructor, Ecstatic Dance
Facilitator and DJ, and Spiritual Coach.  She has been teaching since
2012 and experimented with many healing modalities since then but
none have touched her quite as deeply as Ecstatic Dance.  Daphne
attended her first dance in 2016 and has been a facilitator since
2017.  Since she began consciously dancing she has watched layers
of old programming and the people, places and things that were no
longer serving her fall away with ease.
Social Media:
Instagram: @Priestessdaphnemoon

Tyler Kuelbs
Class: Yoga For 12 Step Recovery
Description: Y12SR is a yoga practice based in the 12 steps of
recovery.  It is open to anyone working a 12 step program or in
recovery from addiction. (All A's are welcomed!)  This is also an all-
level group!
Bio:  Tyler is a 200RYT and a certified Y12SR leader.  She is also
currently working on her yoga therapy certification.  She began doing
yoga in rehab and has continued her journey of recovery through her
own practice and helping others.  She currently teaches out of her
studio, My Temple Yoga, for 24 Hr Fitness and Sante' Center for
Healing.  She is also employed by Y12SR and is developing an in-
patient program.
Social Media:   
Instagram @TylerKuelbs

Ryan Taylor
Class: Rhythm You Can Feel – Drum Circle
Description: Obtaining movement and meditation through power
drumming. The drums take you on a magic journey of connection,
movement and connection. Drumming has become the new yoga.
Come unite with us!
Bio:  Ryan Taylor, the "Spirit Drummer", is a rhythmic sound healer,
master drummer and drum circle facilitator using the power of
drumming to bring ecstatic celebration, enlightenment and pure open
bliss to all that experience his music and powerful events. He has
worked with numerous genres of spiritual and healing groups around
the world.
Social Media:
Instagram: @ Ryan Taylor

Keith Bautista
Class: Power Vinyasa – For ages 15+
Description: All level movement with breath flow. Yoga with a dance
edge including expressive poses and arm balances.
Bio: Texas resident since 2006. Keith is from California where he
found a passion for dance when he was 13. Keith started practicing
yoga in 2009 and received his certification in 2014. He attended
several Baptiste trainings and practices different styles of yoga. His
favorite classes are when he gets drenched in sweat!
Find Him: The Yoga Factory

Jason Scholder
Class: Do The Whole Pose (Utilizing the 3 Minute Egg Prop)
Description: Which pieces of your poses aren't perfect? Learn the
subtle art of doing yoga with your whole being, so all the postures
that you practice bring you peace. Bio:  Jason Scholder is a playful,
persnickety purist. While he likes to practice all forms of yoga, he has
trained primarily in the lineage of BKS Iyengar and his classes focus
on safe, supported alignment. Jason will make you laugh, help you
learn, and leave you feeling great about your decision to practice
Social Media:
IG @ threeminuteegg
Twitter @ threeminuteegg
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