Cosmic Yogi Festival 2017
3 Yoga & Meditation Classes Every Hour
Logan Bennett
Joshua Boucher
Denae Richards
Joshua Boucher - Dallas
Class: Core Flow for Ages 11+
Description: 50 minutes of Vinyasa sequence incorporating elements
of yoga, Pilates, and martial arts.
Bio: Joshua is a 500 Hr RYT Instructor whose passion for teaching
extends from a simple theory: Life seeks growth. Growth occurs
with presence. Presence is developed with awareness. Awareness
is most readily available through physical challenges. His practice
helps him rediscover the vitality he enjoyed as an active youth, and
the peace Joshua discovers in overcoming challenges on the mat
translates into great leaps of faith in his personal and professional
life. It is this connection with the practice that he shares when
guiding, as well as the fun of exploration and movement, and
defying gravity mentally and physically. Joshua believes what
makes us great is our uniqueness, and enjoys tailoring his
instruction to the needs of the room while offering even the most
timid yogis a glimpse of the grand potential within themselves.
Name of Business where he teaches: House of Authentic Presence
Social Media: @jshbchr

Denae Richards - Dallas
Class: Sound Meditation for Ages 18+
Description: A partially guided meditation where participants relax in
a comfortable position allowing the gentle sounds of the gongs,
bowls, chimes and more to saturate every cell of their body
allowing for deep healing and rejuvenation. For ages 18+
Bio: Until 2014, Denae’s experience with sound existed through
playing instruments in the band, singing in the choir and DJing at
her school's radio station. In 2014, she discovered a deeper bond
with sound committing to learn more about the frequencies and
vibrations that heal the body on a cellular level resulting in a
mesmerizing relaxation during her sessions. She also incorporates
sound therapy with her massage clients using a state of the art
yoga table that allows sound vibrations to flow gently through your
Name of Business where she teaches: Holistic Sounds, Dhyana
Yoga Center, Equinox Highland Park, Atma Bhakti Yoga Center,
Carpathia Collaborative, Namah Shivaya Yoga.
Social Media: FaceBook holisticsounds & Instagram @gonggirl &
Twitter @gonggirl & Meetup - Holistic-Sounds

Logan Bennett - Southlake
Class: Rejuvenation Flow for Ages 18+
Description:  Logan will guide everyone through a short meditation
then transition into a flow that will sync movement with breath with
an emphasis on opening the hips. You will work into various Sun
Salutations and end with postures that will leave everyone relaxed
and rejuvenated.
Bio: Logan is a certified yoga instructor whose passion is to share
her love of yoga with her students. She is experienced in a variety
of different yoga styles including Vinyasa Flow to Restorative.
Teacher training transformed her life on many different levels. She
lost 70 lbs and found her life purpose. When she first started her
yoga journey she couldn't touch her toes, her goal is to show her
students any body can do yoga.
Social Media:

Keith Bautista - Plano
Class: Power Vinyasa for Ages 15+
Description: All level movement with breath flow. Baptiste style
witha dance edge including expressive poses and arm balances.
For ages 15+
Bio: Keith has been a Texas resident since 2006. He
was originally from California where he found a passion for dance
when he was 13 years old. I started doing yoga, in 2009, and
received my certification in 2014. Keith has attended several
Baptiste training and practices a variety of yoga styles and loves a
class that makes you sweat!
Name of Business where he teaches: The Yoga Factory
Social Media:

Marissa Soto - Arlington
Class: Self Love: Gentle Yoga for Ages 11+
Description: A calming, stress-relieving yoga class that emphasizes
the importance of doing what feels good for you! The focus is on
building awareness of the breath and the body as we move through
gentle poses and calm the nervous system. Recommended for all
levels looking for a soothing, relaxing, and restorative experience.
Bio: Marissa is an Arlington native who received her 200-RYT in
Dharma Yoga. She was first drawn to the therapeutic benefits of
yoga and tries to emphasize this aspect in her classes. For Marissa,
learning how to come into your body in a place of peace is just as
important as learning the poses. Marissa feels she is here to help
others find freedom and release so that they can comfortably and
competently move their bodies through life.
Name of Business where she teaches: Arlington Yoga Center,
University of Texas at Arlington
Social Media: Instagram: rissa_soto & arlingtonyogacenter
Twitter: aycyoga

Jaime Goldstein - Denton
Class: Mindful Meditation for All Ages
Description: Cultivate inner balance with this mindful meditation
class for all ages. The class includes an overview of the benefits of
mindful meditation along with guided meditation practices.
Bio: Jaime Goldstein, North Texas Center for Mindfulness founder,
teaches Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, meditation, and yoga
classes. She is passionate about sharing mindfulness with children
which inspired her to develop and run a “Before School Mindfulness
Program” last spring that was funded through a grant.
Name of Business where she teaches: North Texas Center for
Social Media:

Ebony Smith - Dallas
Class: Trap Star Yoga for All Ages
Description: This class mixes the power of yoga with Trap Music.
This form of hip hop is bass heavy with themes ranging from
working hard to being your best self. This class will challenge you
and encourages you in a “LIT” environment. Great for beginners to
advance students.
Bio: Ebony Smith is proudly nicknamed "The Ghetto Guru". She is a
certified Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor and Wellness Coach.
Born and raised in the inner cities of Dallas, Texas! Ebony grew up
with a secret eating away at her soul resulting in a very turbulent
childhood. Her soul was awakened the 1st time she stepped on the
mat; and her heart began the healing process. My life changing
experience with the practice of Yoga compelled me to create Yoga
N Da Hood 501(c)3 nonprofit, wellness outreach organization that
teaches people in under-served communities the art of self-healing,
self-talk and self- love through the practice of Yoga and
Name of Business where she teaches: Yoga N Da Hood a 501(c)3
Social Media:

Lea Anne Garsaud - Carrollton
Class: Thai Yoga with a Partner for All Ages
Description: A blend of gentle yoga and stretching, twisting, and
acupressure with a partner. It is an expansive, relaxing, energizing
and meditative experience. Come with a friend, or as a single. All
levels of yoga will enjoy this class. No experience necessary.
Bio: Lea Anne is a Reiki Master, Thai Massage Therapist, Yoga
Teacher, and plays her Holographic Sound Healing crystal bowls.
She practices her “Mind, Body and Spirit Healing Art” at Rescue
Yoga in Carrollton, her office is in Bedford.
Name of Business where she teaches: Rescue Yoga in Carrollton
Social Media: Face Book: Energy Anatomy

Tara Rosenthal - Addison/Farmers Branch
Class: Buti Yoga for Ages 11+
Description: Buti Yoga transforms your BODY + SOUL with cardio-
intensive bursts, tribal dance & primal movement all woven into a
dynamic yoga practice. It's sensual, intense and empowering.
Bio: Tara is the founder and owner of Tribal Yoga House in Dallas.
She has been a Buti instructor for 5 years and it has changed her
life in every way. Her love and passion for Buti is deep rooted and
continues to evolve as the practice grows and community expands.
Name of Business where she teaches: Tribal Yoga House
Social Media: Instagram @tararoseyoga &

Christopher Jones - Dallas
Class: Slow Flow/Pulse for All Ages
Description: This yoga style will provide poses that range from
gentle to challenging, but done with stable, self-centering energy.  
The pace of these classes is slower and emphasis is placed on safe
alignment and the maintaining balance of the slow breathing.
All ages welcome.
Bio: Christopher came down from the tundra of Minnesota with a
yogic background of mostly Ashtanga and Kundalini. He has been a
yogi for 17 years, a yoga teacher for 12 and a Daddy for 9 ½.
Name of Business where he teaches: Christopher teaches yoga to
kids at the Kessler School and has taught adults at an array of
yoga studios such as Twist, Sync, American Power Yoga and others.
Social Media:

Daphne Moon - Dallas
Class: Glow Flow for Ages 18+
Description: Come in your favorite bright yoga clothes for an
upbeat yoga flow under black light. Come early to get GLOW IN THE
DARK FACE PAINT to shine as much as possible!
Bio: Daphne has been practicing yoga since a car accident, in
2006, and has been teaching since October of 2012. Because of
her personal struggles with chronic pain from injuries, depression
and anxiety since childhood, surviving domestic violence, and
rebirthing herself through motherhood, her teaching style is
nurturing and gentle while creating strength and stability.
Name of Business where she teaches: Lotus Yoga Dallas, 24 Hour
Fitness, Goddesses of Light Temple
Social Media: @priestessdaphnemoon &

Meghan Skirha, DFW
Class: barre3 for Ages 13+
Description: Barre3 mixes athleticism, grace, and the latest
innovations designed to balance the body. This total body workout
optimizes every moent with moves that adapt to your body for
maximum results. Barre3 empowers and rewards each individual with
an endorphin high, deep muscle burn, and mind/body/spirit
Bio: I completed my yoga teacher training at Harmony Yoga in
Redondo Beach, CA under the guidance of Chappy Foote and Najla
Coury Barile. My advanced yoga training was with Leeann Carey
Yoga out of Torrance, CA. My barre3 training began in Plano, TX
with Jenn Klein and became official in Portland, OR under the
expertise of Katie Fahrner. I've found the marriage of barre3 and
yoga to be the perfect balance for my body and mind. They each
make me stronger and better in all areas of my life.
Name of Business where she teaches: barre3 Plano, Yoga on Main,
Frisco YMCA
Social Media: Facebook: barre3 (Plano) IG: barre3plano,
barre3richardson, barre3coppell, barre3frisco
Keith Bautista
Marissa Soto
Jaime Goldstein
Ebony Smith
Lea Anne Garsaud
Tara Rosenthal
Christopher Jones
Daphne Moon
Meghan Skirha