Cosmic Yogi Festival
Summer 2018
Diane Barriere
Lea Anne Garsaud
Diane Barriere
Class: Chair Yoga – For ages 16+
Description: Anywhere you are sitting, you can do Chair Yoga!
Perfect for all levels, especially those with limited mobility. Undo
all the negative effects of sitting while you stretch, balance and
strengthen... all while using a chair!
Bio: Diane Barriere is an international yoga teacher who leads
yoga retreats, teaches group yoga classes, corporate yoga, chair
yoga, partner yoga, yoga parties and workshops. She has been
practicing yoga since 2000 and has been teaching since 2006.
She has been a pose demonstrator on "Yoga for Life" on the
Veria network and has successfully released her own yoga DVD,
audio meditations, jewelry line, and yoga clothing. Diane mixes
several types of yoga into her teaching style paying special
attention to technique, alignment, safety, and having fun! She
loves how anyone, of any age, of any body can practice yoga.
Name of Businesses where she teaches: Reef Point Yoga .Yoga
Chikitsa. Jewish Community Center. Fossil. Transamerica. Cisco.
24 Hour Fitness
Social Media:
Instagram @ dbyoga

Lea Anne Garsaud
Class: Thai Yoga With a Partner – All Ages
Description: A blend of gentle yoga and stretching, twisting, and
acupressure with a partner. It is an expansive, relaxing,
energizing and meditative experience.
Come with a friend, or as
a single.
All levels of yoga will enjoy this class. No experience
Bio: Lea Anne is a Reiki Master, Thai Massage Therapist, Yoga
Teacher, and plays her Holographic Sound Healing crystal bowls.
She practices her mind / body / spirit healing art at Rescue Yoga
in Carrollton, her office in Bedford, or at The Salt Cave in
Southlake. nonprofit, wellness outreach organization that
teaches people in under-served communities the art of self
healing, self talk and self love through the practice of Yoga and
Mindfulness. We offer free Yoga and Meditation classes in a hood
near you. Our mission is to equip individuals with the tools to
empower their own life.
Name of Business where she teaches: Rescue Yoga in Carrollton
Social Media:

Andrea Bey
Class: Bey Yoga Beginner Class
Description: If you are an experienced yogi or new the practice,
join us for a gentle flow designed focus on fundamental postures
to add strength, flexibility, and reduce tension and stress.  
Bio:  Andrea Bey has incorporated a personal yoga practice for
over a decade and completed her 200-hour teacher certification
from Core Power Yoga.  She is a graduate of the Institute for
Integrative Nutrition, where she learned innovative coaching
methods, practical lifestyle management techniques, and over
100 dietary theories.  
Social Media:    
Instagram @BeyYoga

Thom Allen
Class: Svadhyaya Yoga-The Journey to Self
Description: Long practiced as one of the five Niyamas, positive
observances recommended for a liberated state of existence,
Svadhyaya is the study of the self. By discovering the beliefs
that sabotage our happiness we can tap into infinite joy. Join
yoga teacher and Psychotherapist Thom Allen for an exploration
into the practice of self-study through the path of yoga. By
mindfully investigating the shadow nature of our beliefs through
yoga asana interwoven with self-inquiry work, we gain insight,
courage and access to our true inner self. Packed with
modification options, this class is accessible to most ages and
bodies. If you are ready to be inspired and transformed from the
inside out, this empowering experience is for you.
Bio:  Thom Allen is a licensed psychotherapist and E-RYT 500
yoga instructor. For more than 30 years, he has been sharing a
passion for mind body wellness through his company
PranaDynamics. Students enjoy his unique style that is mentally
stimulating, physically exhilarating and spiritually inspiring.         
As a noted teacher of psychotherapeutic yoga, his experience
ranges from Mindfulness Meditation to Empowered Vinyasa
Yoga.  He works with a variety of populations, from those with
terminal illnesses and their caregivers to corporate executives
and professional athletes. As a psychotherapist he provides
mindfulness-based work with a variety of clients, helping them to
return life into balance for sustainable wellness.  He is a featured
wellness writer as well as President of the nonprofit organization
Prana Project; a tribe of yoga & wellness individuals making a
difference in our local community, one action at a time.
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Susan Meymand
Class: Practical Meditation Techniques for the Modern
Description: Learn simple yet effective meditation techniques that
you can immediately apply in your daily life.  Perfect for those
who want a plug-and-play method to begin a meditation practice.
Bio:  Susan has been practicing meditation for over 20 years.  
She has studied many different types of meditation techniques
and acknowledges that different techniques are needed for
different people.  She enjoys making meditation approachable
and available by teaching practical methods that fit within the
context of our modern fast-paced world.
Social Media:
IG @susanmeymand

Taylor Seideman, Yogees Yoga 4 Kids Owner & President
Class: Kids Yoga For Grown-Ups
Description: Join #YY4K for a kids yoga class for the whole
family!  Our unique combination of yoga poses, breath work,
songs, Literature and mindfulness help build strong minds and
Bio:  Taylor Seideman has been teaching yoga to kids and adults
for over 10 years.  Her love of yoga and kids turned into Yogees
Yoga 4 Kids, providing classes for kids in schools, libraries and
studios as well as a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School 95-hr
program providing yoga in the metroplex and all over the US!
Social Media:
Instagram @yogeesyoga4kids

Surya Barrow, M.A., J.D., E-RYT
Class: Deep Journey: Yoga & Shamanic Healing
Description: In this special class, you will Chant mantra, do
breath work, settle into deep postures for long holds, do self
massage, and finish with a Shamanic Journey Meditation with
gong bath.
Bio:  Surya has been teaching movement and body awareness
since 1995. She has studied with many extraordinary teachers in
asana; sacred sound; meditation; and yoga therapy. Surya is
also a devoted student of Shamanic Healing Arts, Jungian
Psychotherapy, and Soul-Level Astrology.  Her classes are
tender, evocative, soulful offerings that create space for
Social Media:
Instagram @urbanyogafw

Stacy Shepherd, Yoga Factory Owner &  Tier 3  Baptiste
Certified Instructor, E-RYT500     
Class: A Baptiste Journey Into Power Vinyasa Class
Description: The following are three points that will be focused
on in class.
•         Phyiscalness  (asana) -
Journey Into Power as an access
to vitality, power and freedom.
•         Meditation (dhyana) - as an access to getting present &
•        Empowerment (niyama) - as an access to discovery & new
Bio:  Stacy is one of the most experienced yoga teachers we
have at the festival. She is a Tier 3  Baptiste Certified Instructor,
E-RYT500, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider,
developer of a Registered Yoga Alliance School, owner of two
Baptiste Affiliate studios (Yoga Factor in Plano and Dallas). She is
a  business manager, developer and has been an owner for over
30 years, an RYT200 for over 10 years, a Certified Baptiste
Instructor for 6 years. Recently Stacy completed Baptiste
Institute’s FIT to lead training this year.  

Christina Siepiela, Co-Founder Kaiut Yoga Dallas
Class: The Kaiut Method
Description: A biomechanical yoga method that works from the
joints to increase mobility, improve blood circulation, and bring
relaxation to the nervous system and mind.
Bio:  Christina Siepiela is a Kaiut Yoga Method Teacher 200h. She
discovered Kaiut Method in 2001 living a hectic lifestyle as a
Family Law Attorney and a College Professor in Curitiba, Brazil.
Christina developed a sciatic nerve pain that affected her mobility.
She heard that Kaiut Yoga could help and she started practicing
with Francisco weekly since then and became his Student and a
Kaiut Teacher. She is the Co-Owner at Kaiut Yoga Dallas, a
studio that it is in the works and opens its doors in the fall of
Social Media:
Instagram @kaiutyogadallas
LinkedIn: Christina Siepiela

Melissa Garrett
Class: Yin Yoga
Description: The focus of this yin yoga practice is awareness: the
being of power. Through awareness you can observe with out
judgement. This practice will allow you the space to let go of self
doubt by creating mental clarity and mindful movement to
transform the self into a being of power and self will.
Bio: With a background in the education of Kinesiology, Melissa
understands the importance of practice and a positive attitude.
She became a 200 RYT in 2016 and has experience training
athletes and yogis of all ages and experience levels. Melissa’s
classes are a non-judgmental environment built for individuals to
fully express themselves. Come enjoy a flow designed for you to
build strength, find balance, and simply unwind.
Yoga Teachers & Classes Continued
Andrea Bay
Thom Allen
Susan Meymand
Taylor Seideman
Surya Barrow
Stacy Shepherd
Christina Siepiela
Melissa Garrett