Cosmic Yogi Festival 2017
3 Yoga & Meditation Classes Every Hour
Amanda Dunnavant
David Weiland
Charles Gaby
David Weiland - Arlington
Class: Dharma Yoga – For ages 11+
Description: Dharma yoga is a style of Hatha yoga that works to
develop control over both the body and the mind through traditional
exercises in asana, pranayama, and meditation.
Bio: David Weiland began teaching yoga in 2010, after receiving his
certification from Dharma Mittra. He now runs the Arlington Yoga
Center with his wife, Marissa, and is dedicated to spreading
compassion and awareness through the practice of yoga.
Name of Business where he teaches: Arlington Yoga Center
Social Media: Facebook: Arlington Yoga Center Instagram:
arlingtonyogacenter Twitter: aycyoga

Charles Gaby & Amanda Dunnavant - Dallas
Class: Slow Flow and Meditation for Emotional Awareness,
Balance, and Freedom – For ages 13+
Description: Inspired by Sync Yoga and Wellbeing's studio owner
Charles Gaby's work in personal evolution coaching, this relaxing
class includes practices designed to help you explore your own
unique patterns and ways of being though a comfortable slow
vinyasa. When we nourish the space to notice, then we can decide
how to apply what we learn.
Bio: Charles Gaby has 25 years of experience in counseling and
consulting. His fascination with human motivation led him to study
the neurobiology of emotion. Gaby is a gifted communicator who has
helped thousands of people better understand their own emotional
dynamics and develop the skills needed to succeed in all aspects of
their lives. Together with his wife, Charles is the owner of Sync Yoga
& Wellbeing.

Bio: Amanda has completed yoga teacher trainings with Ananda Seva
Mission and Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Her studies in Art
and Psychology and a continued practice as a visual artist infuse an
inquisitive and art inspired approach to her yoga and therapeutic
yoga offerings. Amanda's biggest meditation practice currently
involves taking care of a little special needs pup named Ezras.
Name of Business where they teach: Sync Yoga & Wellbeing
Social Media:

Elizabeth Lynd, Richardson
Class: Laughter Yoga for Ages 11+
Description: Laughter Yoga is different from any yoga class you've
probably ever taken. In fact, the word "yoga" is in the title because
it incorporates pranayama, or yogic breathing. The goal of Laughter
Yoga is to achieve the health benefits of laughter without reliance on
humor, jokes, or comedy. The great thing is, it's a medical fact the
human body doesn't know the difference between real and simulated
laughter, as long as we come to it willingly. The benefits include
increased oxygen flow, which affects nearly every system in our
bodies, mood elevation, reduction in depression, and it's also
equivalent to a major cardio workout at the gym, no equipment or
sweat required! So set aside your inhibitions and come laugh for an
hour with Elizabeth--and even though it doesn't have to be funny, it
probably will be!
Bio: Elizabeth Lynd has a Bachelor's degree in Communication, which
complements the  Laughter Yoga Leader certification she achieved in
2017. She completed her 200-Hour Yoga Teaching Training in 2016.
Laughter Yoga is different from any yoga class you've probably ever
Name of Business where she teaches:
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Diane Barriere - Richardson
Class: Chair Yoga – For ages 16+
Description: Anywhere you are sitting, you can do Chair Yoga!
Perfect for all levels, especially those with limited mobility. Undo all  
the negative effects of sitting while you stretch, balance and
strengthen... all while using a chair!
Bio: Diane Barriere is an international yoga teacher who leads yoga
retreats, teaches group yoga classes, corporate yoga, chair
yoga, partner yoga, yoga parties and workshops. She habbeen
practicing yoga since 2000 and has been teaching since 2006. She
has been a pose demonstrator on "Yoga for Life" on the Veria
network and has successfully released her own yoga DVD, audio
meditations, jewerly line, and yoga clothing. Diane mixes several
types of yoga into her teaching style paying special attention to
technique, alignment, safety, and having fun! She loves how anyone,
of any age, of any body can practice yoga.
Name of Businesses where she teaches: Reef Point Yoga, Yoga
Chikitsa, Jewish Community Center, Fossil, Transamerica, Cisco, 24
Hour Fitness
Social Media:
Instagram: dbyoga

Pat Fabulous, North Dallas
Class: Yoga Basics for Ages 16+
Description: An introductory class for those who have little to no
experience with yoga, or for experienced students who want to bring
it back to basics. This beginners class uses a combination of simple
postures, movement and breath to work on strength, flexibility and
balance. The focus on alignment for every body type allows
beginners to safely learn the basics. After class there is also an
opportunity for questions or further explanation on anything yoga.
Bio: I am an Ashtanga Yoga Enthusiast and Vipassana Meditation
Practitioner. I started in the fitness industry as a personal trainer in
2005 and have been teaching Yoga since 2010 . In the last 3 years I
have expanded my knowledge by studying with many Authorized
Ashtanga Teachers across the US (including a month of study at
Pineapple Yoga in Hawaii) and learned Vipassana (insight) mediation
technique at the Southwest Mediation Center where I completed my
first 10 day course in 2014. I my passion is teaching people that are
new to Yoga..anyone that might be intimidated or even afraid
attending a Yoga class (we all remember our first time on the mat).
Currently I specialize organizing community Yoga classes all over the
Dallas area that are Free and accessible to everyone. For ages 16+
Name of Business where she teaches: LifePower Yoga, The Yoga
Gypsy (Free community Yoga Project)
Social Media: Instagram - @The _Yoga _Gypsy Facebook - Pat
Fabulous  Twitter - theyogagypsy Snapchat - The Yoga Gypsy

Max Richie - Plano
Class: Receiving the Present Meditation - All Ages Welcome
Description: Utilize your breath, body, and mind to find peace in the
Bio: Baptiste certified Yoga instructor and avid meditation
practitioner, Max enjoys eastern philosophy and brings it to our real
life western minds and bodies. This is a perfect class if you are a
beginner or an experienced yogi. You will leave feeling refreshed,
calm and centered.
Name of Business where he teaches: The Yoga Factory
Social Media: Instagram: surrealasm

Ken Soloman Springer - Dallas
Class: Drumming Session – All ages welcome
Description: Afro Caribbean Drumming in a cool environment designed
to relax and rejuvenate your soul.
Bio: An authentic Island transplant, Ken continues to bring that
strong Caribbean meaning of dance, joy, and transformation while
giving the people a taste of real rhythms. Drumming is a celebration
of life, community, and music-making in the moment. If you have
never been to a drum session, it is a magical experience. Come and
venture into the experience of the beat.
Name of Business where he teaches: Pan African Connection

Julia Paur - Fort Worth
Class: Mommy and Me Yoga
Description: Move and flow with babies 4 weeks to a year old.
Focusing on rebuilding our bodies, connecting with babies and finding
relaxation during parenthood. All caregivers welcome to participate.
Bio: I received my 200 RYT hours in fall of 2014, when I learned I
was pregnant with my second child. From there I established 30
hours for prenatal yoga. I have taught prenatal yoga for 3 years
now, and began my mommy and me journey with my youngest. I've
been teaching mommy and me for 2 years now and find it to be so
rewarding, especially seeing my moms and their babies after they
give birth.
Name of Business where she teaches: Urban Yoga and Soul Sweat
Hot Yoga
Website: or
Social Media: Instagram: juliapaur

Debbie Simon, Flower Mound
Class: Kundalini Yoga for All Ages
Description: We will practice the Kundalini Kriya for Elevation-This all
levels kriya will harness energy, tune the entire system, increase
circulation of prana and apana, strengthen and stretch the spine and
balance the chakras.
Bio: Debbie was drawn to yoga to fill the void of internal connection
that was missing in her life. For her, yoga is a spiritual practice first
with the added benefits of keeping her physically strong and flexible.
She teaches Hatha and Yin, but finds her true yoga home in the
practice of Kundalini yoga.
Name of Business where she teaches: Blue Anjou Yoga and
Meditation Center
Social Media: Debbie Simon (Facebook) Let's be friends!

Tricia Gagnon & Mark Lo Palo
Class: Couples Yoga
Bios: As a Licensed Professional Counselor & 200RYT yoga teacher,
Tricia emphasizes the teachings of Yoga that have guided her
through life’s many difficult transitions towards a peaceful
empowerment she brings to the classes she teaches. As a dancer,
and a therapist who incorporates yoga in treatment, Tricia knows
that the way we move our bodies can heal our issues, our traumas,
our spirit. Tricia leads a Women’s Circle group for empowerment,
yoga therapy groups, workshops and a private practice in the
Grapevine area.  Marc has a passion to guide people in creating a
kind and compassionate connection with themselves, other humans,
and life on the planet we share it with. Marc teaches from his own
experiences with life challenges, weaving in lessons learned from his
yoga, meditation, & equine-assisted coaching practices.
Together Mark and Tricia have created Shanti Warriors, a yoga
therapy group for men’s issues, workshops on partner yoga and
anxiety reduction, and led the community in full-moon meditations at
Lake Grapevine.
Social Media: Instagram:Triciatheyogitherapist
Elizabeth Lynd
Diane Barriere
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Max Richie
Ken Soloman Springer
Julia Paur
Debbie Simon
Mark Lo Palo