Cosmic Yogi Festival
Fall 2018
Atali Samuel
Diane Barriere
Debbi K. Levy
Diane Barriere
Schedule: Lawn, 3-3:50pm
Class: Yoga for Sleep (Bedtime with the Beatles)
Description: This class is set to relaxing Beatles style music,
students learn the most common disrupters of sleep, remedies,
and calming yoga postures (moon salutations).
Bio: Diane Barriere is an international yoga teacher who leads
yoga retreats, teaches group yoga classes, corporate yoga, chair
yoga, partner yoga, yoga parties and workshops. She has been
practicing yoga since 2000 and has been teaching since 2006.
She has been a pose demonstrator on "Yoga for Life" on the
Veria network and has successfully released her own yoga DVD,
audio meditations, jewelry line, and yoga clothing. Diane mixes
several types of yoga into her teaching style paying special
attention to technique, alignment, safety, and having fun! She
loves how anyone, of any age, of any body can practice yoga.
Name of Businesses where she teaches: Reef Point Yoga, Yoga
Chikitsa, Jewish Community Center, Fossil, Transamerica, Cisco,
24 Hour Fitness
Social Media:
Instagram @ dbyoga
YouTube dbyoga

Atali Samuel
Schedule: Acacia Room, 4-4:50pm
Class: Singing Bowls with Yintegration Yoga
Description: Immerse yourself in healing vibrations of 9 Tibetan
singing bowls while softening into a restorative Yin sequence.
Atali combines the meditative approach of theta-boosting
frequencies with peaceful pranayama and gentle asanas.
Bio: Atali Samuel, RYT 500, E-RYT 200, CHHC and Founder of
Happy Hour Yoga + Meditation Studio. She is classically educated
in both India and Dallas with over 800 hours of certified training
and 1,000+ teaching hours. Atali firmly believes, as evident in
thousands of scientific journals, that yoga and sound meditation
can completely rewire our being, reprogram our health and
improve our state of mind.
Atali has spent over a fifteen years
studying ancient healing modalities including multiple forms of
yoga, meditation, herbalism and traditional Ayurveda. Happy
Hour Yoga + Meditation Studio was created to empower others
to feel truly nurtured, accepted, and safe.
Instagram: @Atali_happyhour_yoga

Debbi K. Levy
Schedule: Acacia Room, 2-2:50pm
Class: We Will Rock You: A Tribute to Queen
Description: We will stretch deeply and slowly as we build up the
energy to our Hatha Flow, all with the music of Queen suffusing our
spirits. We will need some grounding here after we bring out all of
this electric energy, so the stone of the day will be black tourmaline
for grounding. Come be a part of this "Bohemian Rhapsody!”
Bio:  You can find Debbi K. Levy at many corporations in Dallas,
Texas, bringing peace and calm to the workplace through her
company, Transformation Yoga LLC. When she’s not there, she is
hanging out at The Jewish Community Center of Dallas, taking or
teaching, or at her own studio, Transformation Yoga. On Tuesday
evenings at 5:00, Debbi is proud to be teaching Torah Yoga at
Temple Emanu-El. When you run into her, she will have rocks in her
pocket and a smile on her face. She invites everyone to come and
explore the power of Yoga and the practice of Mindfulness.Debbi is a
registered Yoga instructor, has a certification in Crystal Alchemy,
Reiki and Mindfulness.
Social Media:
Instagram @thecompanyyogateacher

Ricky Tran
Schedule: Juniper Room, 11-11:50pm
Class: Navanga Yoga with Crystal Bowls
Description: Navanga Yoga is a modern expression of Vinyasa Krama
practices based on Himalayan lineage of Natha Yogis in which
T Krishnamacharya was born into. Guided by Ricky Tran with
crystal bowls provided by Saumil Manek from Houston.
Bio: Ricky Tran, BBA, E-RYT 500, CBA, founder of Navanga Yoga,  
Pop Up Yoga Dallas, Krama Yoga Center, Castle Hills Yoga, Standard
Yoga Training Co., Breakfast Yoga Club and TranBand is widely
recognized as an accomplished yoga practitioner and teacher.  
Social Media:
Instagram @rickytranyoga
Twitter @rickytranyoga

Rachel Fox
Schedule: Lawn, 1-1:50pm
Class: Crystal Healing & Meditation
Description: Just like the Earth, we are all gems inside.  Spend 30
minutes in sync with a crystal-inspired guided visualization led by
Rachel Fox, owner + founder of The Refuge Meditation.
Bio: Rachel Fox is a meditation guide, educator + founder of The
Refuge Meditation.  After graduating from SMU in 2012, Rachel has
spent time in both Dallas + Los Angeles at Equinox, Unplug
Meditation, The DEN Meditation, KnockoutLA, The Mystic Journey
Bookstore, Sync Yoga & Wellbeing, BalancingEnergy + more before
opening The Refuge in 2018 with her brother Alex.
Website: &
Social Media:
Instagram @rachelrfox @therefugemeditation

Denae Richards
Schedule: Juniper Room, Noon-1250pm
Class: Soothing Sound Meditation with Gongs
Description: Join Denae Richards as she guides you into a deeply
relaxing state. Experience how the sound of Gongs, Tibetan bowls,
Crystal Bowls, and other instruments streamline the inner awareness
process. Sound delivers powerful waves into your mind and body,
putting you in an deep trance. Your entire being elevates into a
relaxed state where your mind slows & your body rests.
Bio: After 23 years in corporate America, Denae knew she needed a
change, her path lead her through two years of mind body and
nutritional awareness enhancing her ability to listen to her inner
messages which lead to her interest in the healing arts. Denae grew
up with music in her life: playingn the band and singing in the choir
so she always had a connection with sound. After experiencing the
gongs and bowls for the first time, she was drawn to sound in a way
she had never been before. Eventually, she attended the Globe
Institute and received her certification in the Sound Healing &
Therapy Program. Denae continues to be drawn by different sounds
and frequencies and is innate connection with healing the body on
many levels: emotional, spiritual & physical.
Social Media:
Instagram: @gonggirl
Twitter: @gonggirl

Lisa Ware
Schedule: Juniper Room, 4-4:50pm
Class: Intuitive Goddess Vinyasa Divine Feminine & Self Love
Description: Come to the Cosmic Yogi Festival and take a journey to
your own Inner Goddess through the Divine Feminine & Self Love with
Lisa Ware! Whether you are a male or female, we all embody Shiva
and Shakti energy. This workshop uses the tools of asana,
pranayama, intuitive vinyasa, and affirmations to take us deep into
our Inner Self. Find the archetypes which resonate with you to
embody our true Divine within.
Bio: Lisa Ware is the Visionary Vixen of and
Published Author of Yoga 4 Love Tools for Mind, Body, and Spirit: For
a Holistic Lifestyle, available in paperback on Amazon.
Click Here for
More information. She is the Executive Director of Yoga 4 Love
Advanced Training Programs Online 200 /300 Hour + Inner Goddess
Retreats and is a Reiki Master Teacher. Lisa is the current President
of the non-profit, DFW Free Day of Yoga. She is also a Life Coach,
Shamanic Guide and Ordained Minister, who conducts weddings and
Death and Dying Practitioner work for those crossing over and their
families. Lisa's passion is to create community connecting women to
their Goddess Tribe and to empower each woman to become their
best version of 'ME' that they can be. Lisa is available for personal,
group and corporate sessions.
Social Media:
Instagram @yoga4lovelisa  

Tara Rosenthal & Elektra Moon
Schedule: Acacia Room, 11-11:50pm
Class: Buti Glow Flow
Description: Glow with neon glow sticks and more in Buti Yoga! This
yoga transforms your BODY + SOUL with cardio-intensive bursts,
tribal dance & primal movement all woven into a dynamic yoga
practice. It's sensual, intense and empowering.

Tara Rosenthal's Bio: Tara is the founder and owner of Tribal Yoga
House in Dallas. She has been a Buti instructor for 5 years and it has
changed her life in every way. Her love and passion for Buti is deep
rooted and continues to evolve as the practice grows and community
Name of Business where she teaches: Tribal Yoga House
Social Media: Instagram @tararoseyoga     

Elektra Moon's Bio: I am here to help facilitate the natural healing
paradigm of the body, through reconnection of all soul pieces back
into the body for wholeness. With over 15 years’ experience as a
massage therapist and spiritual body work specialist. Elektra
combines her love of movement thru Buti Yoga, belly dance and
tradition yoga to bring you the ultimate self-love healing practices
into you daily life.  As a long time LMT,MTI, Certified Cranial Sacral
therapist through the Upledger Institute , Reiki Master/Teacher and
Medical Intuitive. Elektra is constantly engaging in holistic health
studies. She is currently working on her Degree in Holistic Health
Mastery and Integrated Nutrition.  Health is her passion on all levels
and Buti Yoga is by far her happy place. Beyond ecstatic to bring this
beautiful practice of Buti Yoga to the lovely beings of DFW.

Kirsten Burch
Schedule: Juniper Room, 1-1:50pm
Class: Kundalini Tantra
Description: TBA
Bio: Childhood gave Kirsten a deep fascination for nature, but her
practical upbringing suggested a life in business, so she graduated
Magna Cum Laude from UTD with a focus on Environmental Science
and Business Management.  Kirsten started her professional career as
a medical assistant/office nurse, ran business operations for a large
hospice in Missouri, and came back to Dallas for a career in finance &
sales operations in the software industry during the booming late '90s.
At some point around 2011 her eldest beloveds began to die from
emphesyma, lung cancer, and pneumonia, then her husband
developed brain cancer. Kirsten quit her corporate job to become his
caregiver. Counseling and Yoga Therapy was her tool to stay
functional. A short while after her husband passed away, she began
spending more time studying the science and philosophy behind why
the yoga was working so well for her; she was healing, and regaining
mental capacity steadily. Kirsten began studying ParaYoga with Rod
Stryker, and was initiated into the tradition October 2014. She
continues her studies in ParaYoga,her Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselor
certification in 2015 with Arpita Shah of Om Yoga Journey and she
has certifications in Yoga4Cancer, and Yoga for Anxiety & Depression.
Kirsten has so many Master Trainings and certifications it's too many
to list. You can find more information by
clicking here.
Social Media:
Instagram: @livingyogadallas
Twitter: @livingyogadallas
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