Cosmic Yogi Festival 2018
Goat Yoga and Pups & Pilates
The Cosmic Yogi Festival hosts..
Goat Yoga and Pups & Pilates

After a long week, come enjoy a yoga
class while the over friendly goats and
pups (oh so cute!) run around, under,
over you and on top of you. It's the
perfect social media picture! It's sure to
make you smile and laugh while letting
go of any stress and anxiety. Cuddle,
pet and enjoy for a happy-vibe session
guaranteed to put you in a great mood.
It's a wonderful way to create
memories, connect with yourself and
others and
just be a kid again.

The best part is once you make a new
friend with a pooch then you can
adopt them and keep them as your
new best friend.
Goat Yoga Class 3pm
Mini Classes until 5pm
Pups & Pilates Class 10am
Mini Classes until 1pm
These classes are all brought to you
by It's for Charity,
Happy Goat Yoga
DFW & Cody's Friends Rescue.
These classes are all benefiting
nonprofit organizations helping
rescue animals all year round.
Susie Brooks & Lisa Martin are the
non-profit organizers.