Vendor Booths:
Yoga Attire, Props,
Matts, Jewelry & More
There's So Many
Announcing…The Fall Cosmic Yogi Festival!
The Festival is filled with smiles, positive energy and fun for
everyone! It will take place Saturday, November 10th, 2018 from
10am-6pm at the Addison Conference & Theatre Centre. The
event is presented by
Cosmic Yogi Movement
and sponsored by Dallas Yoga Magazine.

Everyone is encouraged to come including beginners to advanced
yogis and kids to long timers.
This event will feature yoga related products,
yoga studios,
apparel, jewelry, malas, mats, bags
& more.

There will be 3 yoga/meditation classes every hour. Classes range
from Restorative and Kundalini to 80s Glow Flow.  There are
meditation classes including sound meditation with gongs and
crystal bowls. Of course, we can't forget the delicious food from
Down to Earth Food Truck.

“This festival was one of the best I have attended for yogis and
other wellness and holistic health professionals. From the
consumer and the vendor side of things, I was so happy to have
been there as it was such a great value in time and money from
both perspectives! Great visibility for my business, and I was
 to so many like-minded individuals I had no idea
were in my neighborhood. Also, ALL THE CLASSES! With several
classes taught every hour, the choices were amazing, and
attendance was great!”
Stacy Shepherd, Owner, The Yoga Factory

“The Cosmic Yogi Festival offered us a way to connect with fellow
Yogis and experience sessions that were unique and inspiring!”
Ashley Bundis, The Jewish Community Center

“We can chalk that one up as a success.”
Ricky Tran, International Yoga Instructor

“This was an AWESOME festival and I’m so
honored that I was a part of this event!!!
We can’t wait for the next one!!” Stacey Smith, ZenTala

“I could not be happier for Erica and AJ, you all must have
magical powers because that festival was amazing!! I will

definitely participate in future events you all organize!”
Tamara Johnson, Enso Apothecary

Teachers (K-12th) and Active Military and Veterans will receive free
general admission with ID! Children 12 & under and Adults over
65 will also receive free general admission. Advance tickets will be
$5 for general admission and $10 for VIP. VIP includes general
admission, as well as, access to all yoga classes and speakers.
General admission tickets at the door will be $7 or $12 for VIP.
Food Trucks
Come & stay the
whole day!
Thank You to Our