Cosmic Yogi Festival 2017
Debbi Levy
Ricky Tran
Title: Yoga 101: Introduction to You
Description: Yoga talk, demonstration and explore the 3
main components of yoga practice (Your Body, Mind and
Breath) through simple movements. Must be able to get
up and down from the floor.
Bio: Ricky Tran is widely recognized as an accomplished
yoga practitioner and teacher. His journey of healing,
transformation and awakening began over a decade
ago. He currently runs a successful boutique studio near
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Debbi Levy
Title: Practicing Yoga with An Intention
Description: In this session, we will explore the impact
your intention can have on your Yoga practice. A crystal
will be provided for each Yogi in attendance to be a
reminder of these intentions and words from the heart.
Bio: Debbi K. Levy is a native Texan, wife, mom, sister,
daughter, and friend. She literally quit her day job to
follow her dream of bringing yoga to everyone around
her. With a crystal or two in her pockets and a big
smile on her lips, you can find Debbi at the Jewish
Community Center in Dallas, bringing lunchtime Yoga to
corporations around the metroplex, or teaching at her
home studio Transformation Yoga. Debbi is a registered
Yoga instructor and has a certification in Crystal
Alchemy and Reiki.
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Tatiana Miller & Lisa Ware
Title: Stress-Less: Finding True Balance
Description: An introduction to applying holistic
principles to your daily life in order to achieve true
balance and well-being. Learn the tools to design a life
well lived.
Bio: Tatiana Miller is devoted to empowering others to
reach their highest potential by sharing tools to live a
joyous and well-balanced life. She is a 1000 RYT yoga
teacher, Stress Management Consultant, Ayurvedic
Health Counselor, and Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist. She
is currently working to finish her Doctorate in Holistic
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Bio: Lisa Ware Lisa is the Founder of
and is the director of Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training
Programs 200 ONLINE and 300 Hour. Lisa specializes in
heated Vinyasa Flow, Reiki Energy Work, Detox +
Nutrition and Life coaching. She is an E-RYT 500 and
Reiki Master Teacher with thousands of hours teaching
Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga at the 500 hour master
level. She loves facilitating a space for healing,
transformation and connection to Divine Source through
her personal daily meditations.
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Dr. Colleen R. Logan, PhD
Class: Creating Affirmative Space for Healing Self
and Others
Description: Given the ever-present negativity in
today's world, people are turning to counseling and
yoga for comfort and healing. The onus is on us to
create sacred space for this work while we tend to our
own self-care and healing.
Bio: Dr. Logan has presented locally, nationally and
internationally on issues related to affirmative
counseling for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender
clients. Dr. Logan has served as president of the
American Counseling Association and maintains a small
private practice.
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Nena Watkins, LAc
Title: Acupuncture and Qi Gong (Chinese Yoga)
Description: Introduction into Chinese Medicine. Nina
will explore with everyone the historical significance of
Qi Gong in the development of Chinese medicine and
Acupuncture practiced today, and will examine the uses
of both Qi gong and acupuncture for the modern
Bio: A native to Dallas, Nena received her bachelor
degree in chemistry from UT Austin. Then she
completed her Masters in Acupuncture at Bastyr
University. After a full-time practice outside Seattle for
several years, Nena is excited to bring the beauty of
Chinese medicine to the Dallas community.
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Dr Joseph DuChene DC
Title: Overcoming Chronic Yoga Complaints
Description: Have you been working on your balance,
mobility and flexibility with very little progress? Dr.
DuChene will be going over problems that could be
robbing you of your performance.
Bio: Dr. DuChene has been in chiropractic practice since
2008. He has helped many people in the Dallas area
overcome pain and movement problems. His focus is on
human performance in relation to chiropractic and
applied kinesiology. His treatment approach includes a
triad of stress, biochemistry and trauma model.
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Katherine Galligan
Title: How to Eat the Ayurveda Way
Description: So we've heard about this Ayurveda thing,
but how on earth do we DO it? Learn the basics of an
Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle. It's actually rather simple!
Bio: Katherine Galligan is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle
Counselor and EYRT 500. She is the founder and
director of Yoga Chikitsa, where she shares her passion
for using yoga and ayurveda to create a healthy mind,
body and lifestyle.
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Ebony Smith
Class: Teaching Yoga in Underserved Communities
Description: How to teach yoga to different populations
and communities. The art of creating a safe space, so
that your client maybe comfortable in the
Bio: My name is Ebony Smith; "The Ghetto Guru"
certified Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor and
Wellness Coach. Born and raised in the inner cities of
Dallas, Texas! I grew up with a secret eating away
at my soul. And we all know...secrets are the perfect
recipe for a very turbulent childhood. My soul was
awakened the 1st time I stepped on the mat; my heart
began the healing process. For the 1st time I was
discovering who I was and who I could be. I grow in
this knowing every day. My life changing experience
with the practice of Yoga compelled me to create Yoga
N Da Hood 501(c)3 nonprofit, wellness outreach
organization that teaches people in under-served
communities the art of self healing, self talk and self
love through the practice of Yoga and Mindfulness. Our
mission is to equip individuals with the tools to
empower their own life.
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Lea Anne Garsaud
Title: Creating Sacred Space; Clear and Protect Your
Space/Clear and Protect Yourself
Description: Are you sensitive to energies? Does it feel
like you "pick up"other people's energy? Do you
frequently feel drained or tired while you are at home?
Does your environment at work seem to drain you?
Learn how to set the groundwork for a higher
vibrational protected space in any environment, and
how to protect and clear your own energy from any
outside interferences using easy to obtain tools and
your intention.
Bio: Lea Anne is a Reiki Master, Energy Practitioner,
Thai Massage Therapist, and Yoga Teacher. She uses
her intuitive gifts to facilitate healing on the physical,
mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Her practice is in
Bedford and in Carrollton at Rescue Yoga where she
teaches yoga and weekend workshops.
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Daphne Moon
Title: Depression, Anxiety and Abuse: A Yogi's
Journey to Heal
Description: One woman's journey through the pain and
difficulty of life as she uses yoga to heal and grow.
Bio: Daphne has been practicing yoga since a car
accident, in 2006, and has been teaching since October
of 2012. Because of her personal struggles with chronic
pain from injuries, depression and anxiety since
childhood, surviving domestic violence, and rebirthing
herself through motherhood, her teaching style is
nurturing and gentle while creating strength and
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Tatiana Miller
Lisa Ware
Nena Watkins
Dr. Joseph DuChene
Katherine Galligan
Lea Anne Garsaud
Daphne Moon
Ricky Tran
Ebony Smith
Dr. Colleen R. Logan