Cosmic Yogi Festival 2017
John Mestyanek
Summer Smith
Class: Yogi In The Bible Belt, The Documentary
Description: A brief screening of the documentary
trailer, my experiences as a yoga instructor in Canton,
TX & the issues I faced & a brief Q&A session.
Bio: I am an E-RYT and the owner of Yama Yoga Studio
and School in Canton, TX where I live with my husband
and 5 boys. My true love is in the healing arts. Stretch,
Nidra and Restorative classes are my specialty. I have
a love of yoga philosophy and the tradition of using
malas and mantras for transformation. My style is
challenging but playful because life is meant to be fun.
I am a yogi, a mother and a spiritual revolutionary.
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John Mestyanek
Class: The Keys to Your Universe: Attention
Description: Learn simple ways to begin strengthening
one's ability to give their undivided attention.
Combining our undivided attention with the power of
intention gives us the power to transform our lives.
Bio: I have spent year practicing and teaching focus,
visualization, and meditation to help others find peace
within and provide them with tools to lead a more
fulfilling life. I am a student of life and strive to learn
and improve each day. It is my passion to share and
teach in an effort to help others along life's journey.
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