Cosmic Yogi Festival
Summer 2018
"AJ" Amy Jo Crowell
Stefanie Tovar
"AJ" Amy Jo Crowell
Class: Samadhi Kundalini
Schedule: Acacia Room, 3:00-3:50pm
Description: If you have never tried Kundalini Yoga before this is the
perfect class to experience it. Kundalini is a unique yoga where you
focus on your breath, practice Breath of Fire and send energy up and
down your spine very quickly. As a result, your body "awakens" and
you release what is no longer serving you. Have you ever heard of
the "Kundalini High"? Come and enjoy it and find out first hand.
Bio: AJ Crowell is the Publisher of Dallas Yoga Magazine and Co-
Founder of the Cosmic Yogi Festival. She received her Kundalini Yoga
certification in Rishikesh, India at Samadhi Ashram this year. AJ is
also the Best Selling Author of "Love Back to Life" a book about
recovery from alcohol and addictions. AJ is a Motivation Coach with
her company Magnified Motivation. She also teaches yoga at 7am on
Tuesday and Thursday at Sun Yoga in Richardson, Texas.
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Stefanie Tovar
Class: F*** That Yoga Class!
Schedule: Juniper Room, 5:00pm-5:50pm
Description: Sometimes as we move towards our greatest intentions,
we fight change that is meant to occur by holding onto old patterns.
It's time to let SH*T go!
*Explicit language WILL be used to clear the stress and grime of the
heart in a playful manner.  
Bio: Stefanie Tovar hopes to inspire healing and empowerment
through Mindful Movement and Sound.  Her Debut EP Album,
Shine a
, made it to #1 in New Age Music the week it was released. She
enjoys sharing Live Music in every Yoga Class she offers. Stefanie is
the proud Founder and President of 501c3 Yoga Outreach Nonprofit,
Hanuman Homies, which offers Yoga in Vulnerable Communities while
offering the general public opportunities to take their Yoga off the
Mat and into the community.
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Instagram: @hanuman.homies

Taylor Seideman, Yogees Yoga 4 Kids Owner & President
Schedule: Acacia, Noon-12:50pm
Class: Family Movement & Mindfulness: For Everyone Whose a
Kid at Heart
Description: Join Yogees Yoga 4 Kids for a yoga practice for ages 4-
94! The whole family can practice yoga together with a mindfulness
practice included. Yogees classes combine movement, songs, stories
and mindfulness into a fun and non-competitive program for kids of
all ages, even for kids at heart!
Bio:  Taylor Seideman has been teaching yoga to kids and adults for
over 10 years.  Her love of yoga and kids turned into Yogees Yoga 4
Kids, providing classes for kids in schools, libraries and studios as well
as a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School 95-hr program providing
yoga in the metroplex and all over the US!
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Instagram @yogeesyoga4kids
Twitter: @yogeesyoga4kids

Brittney & Tyler Hall
Schedule: Lawn, Noon-12:50
Class: Strength & Conditioning Yoga
Description: Strength and Conditioning Yoga is a full body circuit
workout coupling strength based exercises with yoga movements to
gain strength, endurance and flexibility.
Bio: Tyler and Brittney Hall are a purpose driven couple who enjoy
empowering people to find the best version of themselves physically,
emotionally, and spiritually. Tyler is a full time corporate Financial
Analyst as well as a certified personal trainer, while Brittney is a full
time corporate Industrial Engineer, as well as a certified yoga
instructor at Gaia Flow Yoga.
Social Media:
Instagram: @mrs_britthall  @tyler_hall
Twitter: @mrs_britthall

Jenny Alterman
Schedule: Acacia Room, 1:00-1:50pm
Class: Slow Flow Yoga
Description:  Slow Flow Yoga is place where your body and breath
intelligently sync to create a desired energetic effect of harmony
throughout the mind and body. All Levels Welcome.
Bio: Jenny's teachings are influenced by Tantric teachings of
ParaYoga. Jenny is a certified in prenatal yoga and has advanced
training in MS, Scoliosis, Cancer and Trauma Sensitive Yoga for
Veterans. Jenny served in the US Army and is a Disabled Vet. She is
the owner of Rescue Yoga in Carrollton, Texas.
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Alicia Gurn
Schedule: Juniper Room, 2:00-2:50pm
Class: Hatha Yoga & Essential Oils
Description: This class of Hatha Yoga with a slow flow will focus on
yoga postures (asanas) and breathing (pranayamas). Get ready to
bring your mind, body and soul in unison. Added to the class are
essential oils to smell and try for your own personal heightened
experience. A long Savasana after Hatha with the diffused oils
enhancing your senses will be a joy to attend.
Bio: Alicia is the Marketing and Advertising Representative for Dallas
Yoga Magazine and Cosmic Yogi Festival. She is a certified Yoga
Instructor at two local hospitals working with patients to heal their
inner selves. She teaches classes in Cancer Recovery, Behavior
Health, and Addiction and also to the general public.  Alicia wants to
help others and firmly believes YOGA HEALS! Alicia is a distributor for
doTerra Oils and loves to enhance her classes with the wonderful
healing smell of oils.
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Nikki Kerth
Schedule: Juniper Room, 10:00-10:50pm
Class: Gratitude Flow
Description: This practice is designed to bring you into a place of
gratitude.  This dynamic flow will open up your heart and mindfully
move you from posture to posture with a sense of awareness.  This
flow will take you to a place within yourself that awakens the core of
your being. Open your heart, mind, and body and ignite the light
within yourself with this practice.  You will leave this class radiating
Bio:  Nikki stumbled into yoga by accident.  Once, she got a taste of
it, she instantly wanted more.  Nikki received her first teacher
certification through YogaFit in 2004 and over the years has
attended trainings and workshops taught by a number of amazing
Yoga Teachers. Nikki has taught many styles, from Beginner yoga to
Power yoga and everything in between. Pattabhi Jois said, “Practice
and all is coming.” Nikki shares "I am a student of yoga first and a
teacher second. What I have learned through my personal practice is
Gratitude, Kindness, Courage, and Compassion. Gratitude for having
the ability to move my body every day. Kindness to myself,
especially on the days that I don’t feel 100%. Courage to get back
on my mat after pulling a hamstring or injuring my neck. Compassion
because whether its a physical injury or a mentally exhausting week,
at the end of the day all that matters is that I showed up on my mat.
I encourage the students who come into my class to do the same,
while continuing to grow and explore their practice.
Instagram: @nikki_kerth_yoga

Phyllis Parker
Schedule: Juniper Room, 3:00-3:50pm
Class: Supported Yoga with Stability Ball or Chair
Description: Supported Yoga with stability ball or chair.  Modified
asana will begin in a seated posture on the ball or chair, movements
to incorporate all planes of motion will be in the warm up.  Modified
asana will be practiced from the chair or ball, with progression to
standing, kneeling, to supine on the mat. Ending with a guided
Bio: Phyllis is an ACE-Personal Trainer and Orthopedic Exercise
Specialist. She is a certified Yoga Instructor 200 E-RYT and teaches
a variety of yogas including Vinyasa, Yin, Chair and one of her
favorites...YACEP Yoga with stability ball. Phyllis is Reiki certified with
a special healing touch. She is a PHI Pilates apparatus trainer and
Power Pilates teacher. We can't forget to mention her ACE_GX
certification for cardio/strength, Barre and SS. Phyllis holds private
and group Yoga and Pilates classes at her studio.

Puneeta Dighe
Schedule: Acacia Room, 5:00-5:50pm
Class: Pop Pilates
Description: POP Pilates is a total body, equipment-free workout that
uses your own body weight to sculpt a rock solid core. It is a
strength and flexibility workout and can be done bare foot on a yoga
mat or the floor.  Because of the range of movements and options,
people of all fitness levels can be challenged in this welcoming class,
without having to endure impact or high-intensity pushing. And don’t
forget about all that stretching – it sure is nice.
Bio: Puneeta firmly believes and coaches that Fitness is the best
preventive prescription to live a physically and mentally healthier
lifestyle. Her holistic, results-based approach centers around
improving the quality of life through a combination of customized
exercise and nutrition planning. She is a certified Mat Pilates, Zumba,
Pool Fit and Cycle instructor and a personal fitness coach at various
fitness facilities across the Dallas metroplex.
Social Media:
Instagram -- @sweatatzerofitness

Jason Eric
Schedule: Lawn, 5:00-5:50pm
Class: Mind Movement & Music
Description: Move from “Knowing” to “Being” as you relax to Spirit-
filled LIVE MUSIC and be guided to move your own mind through your
inner transformation! The LIVE MUSIC will take your soul and spirit to
a different dimension of relaxation and awareness.
Bio: Jason has taught at many Spiritual, Yoga and Unity Communities
around the world
. He is a Ceremonial Leader & Lightworker, Keynote
Speaker and facilitates Meditation with his Music. Jason plays an
array of instruments including flutes and gongs to enhance Mindful
Meditation experiences.

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Instagram: @expressingoneness
Youtube: Jason Eric Belair
Yoga Teachers & Classes Continued
Taylor Seideman
Brittney & Tyler Hall
Jenny Alterman
Nikki Kerth
Phyllis Parker
Alicia Gurn
Puneeta Dighe
Jason Eric