Cosmic Yogi Festival
Summer 2018
Ryan Taylor
Andre Jones
Andre Jones & Ryan Taylor
Schedule: Lawn, 2:00pm-3:00pm
Class: Massive Community Drum Circle
Description: One of the Festival's SPECIAL EVENTS is the
Drum Circle featuring Andre Jones and Ryan Taylor both
professional Drum Circle facilitators.

A Drum Circle is a gathering of people of all ages, sexes,
religions, races and cultures to form a united group
consciousness. The main objective is to share rhythm
and get in tune with yourself and each other.

Bring your drums, tambourines, maracas or any other
instruments, but don't worry if you don't have an
instrument just bring yourself and celebrate with us!
Let's make some beats together, dance, clap or do
whatever your body desires!
As each person drums you
empower each other, so everyone who comes and
participates has something special to offer.
It's a
magical, fun experience. All ages welcome.

Ryan Taylor's Bio: Ryan is a Spirit Drummer/Drum Circle
Facilitator, Healing Drummer and creator of Medicinal and
Sacred Healing Rhythms. Spirit Drumming is an ancient,
worldwide cross cultural practice used as a means of
connecting communities, cultures, families and
individuals to the ultimate Source of Creation. Sacred
Spirit Drumming is a powerful and accessible practice to
connect people from all walks of life, back to their primal
and ancient sacred knowledge of oneness, back to a
means of feeling all the rhythms of life.
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Andre Jone's Bio: Andre is a Conscious Drum Cricle
Facilitator incorporating Reiki in his sessions. This type
of Drum Circle embodies everything from a normal drum
circle but includes the flow of universal life force energy,
which is called Reiki. Andre is a Reiki Master and as a
Massage Therapist brings this energy to his clients for a
healing, invigorating experience. He encourages
everyone to join the circle and says, "The rhythm begins
with your heartbeat, so anyone at any level can join the
drum circle with his or her beating heart alone."
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"Spirit Drumming is like an organic compulsion to
translate the emotional fact of being alive into sound, into
rhythm and into something you can dance to. This
excitement we feel, when we hear it, tells us that the door
into other realms is opening."
Mikey Hart